We are oriented to the conservation of the environment, understanding our workers, clients and final consumers as a fundamental part of our company philosophy.

We are an ecological brand, friend of nature, the environment and the human being.

Since we started our olive plantations in 1990, we don't use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or any other type of agrochemical. All olive pest and disease controls are carried out ecologically through the release of beneficial insects, light tramps, pest capture mechanisms, and the use of repellent biooils made on our farm based on olive extract, olive leaf and olive oil. All the nutrients that we use for the annual fertilizer of the trees are made on the farm from crushed pruning branches, mixed with guano from our different animals and composted for a year before being applied to the bases of the trees.

The irrigation water comes from our own underground springs, this water being completely clean and uncontaminated, which filters naturally as it drains through the permeable layers of the soil until it finds its way over the impermeable underground layers until it reaches our wells from the Andes Mountains.

We take care of every detail to deliver healthy products of the best quality and promote environmental protection within our community.