Welcome to Chacra Blanca Farm

Our company proudly grows and produces olives and olive oil in the desert coast of southern Lima, Peru since 1990. Over the years, with care and dedication, we have turned the desert into a forest of olive trees.

This is a family business founded by José Vico, Spanish by birth, but Peruvian from the heart. He arrived in Peru over 40 years ago and he now lives happily at the farm cultivating his organic olives.

What started as a farm for the family to spend their weekends is now a thriving company/business that employs more than sixty people.

Olives in Brine

This is the most classic form of olive preparation worldwide. We collect olives by hand at the peak moment of maturation. The olives are then washed in water from our spring fed well and put into fermentation containers with a brine of eight percent sea salt.

In this brine, yeast and gram positive bacteria OR ***lactobacilli from the skin of the fruit begin a fermentation process which removes the natural bitterness and enhances the fruits natural flavor. See more >>.

Dehydrated Olives

Brine cured for three to four months, the Botija olive is then dehydrated in heat chambers at forty degrees celsius for thirty to forty hours. As a result, fifty percent of the water weight is extracted to produce a deep flavorful fruit. See more >>.

Olive Paste

Our olive pastes are made with the best selection of olives for you to enjoy with your culinary creations or as a snack. See more >>.

Olive Oil

It is important to realize that not one olive oil is alike. Due to the characteristics of land, weather, collection method, treatment process, and variety of olives the result is an infinite diversity of oils. See more >>.

Dehydrated Fruits

Although we not grow on the farm fresh fruits, we buy for our dehydrated fruits from the best providers after having gone through rigorous testing to ensure the best quality in our final product which characterizes us. See more >>.


To help the pollination of our olives, we maintain bee colonies in the trees. Apart from fulfilling this role they give us an exquisite honey which tastes a little bitter, a characteristic of the olives.See more >>.