Environmental conservation is a priority for our company. From the creation of our olive fields more than 25 years ago, we have never used chemical insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, or any other type of agro- chemical products.

All the pest and disease control is made in an environmentally friendly way. Whether through beneficial insect release, light traps, mechanisms to catch pests, and applying biole repellents produced in our farm made with extracts of olive leaves and olive oil.

All the nutrients we use are produced on our farm. Made from the cuttings of the pruned olive trees crushed and mixed with the manure from our animals. Composted for one year before being applied to the base of trees.

Irrigation water comes from our own underground springs originating in the Andes Mountain range. The water is pure, unpolluted, and naturally filtered through permeable soil layers before it reaches the Chacra Blanca farm.

Why organic?

In a new study, researchers at the University of California Berkeley demonstrated that crop yields in organic agriculture are higher than previously thought.

When used in the right way organic an crops yields may surpass those of conventional farming, providing that 100% organic farming is kept.

Another study from the University of Newcastle published in the British Journal of Nutrition has demonstrated that organically produced products can have a 60% higher number of key antioxidants and significantly lower levels of heavy metals than denominational crops.