Olive Oil


It is important to realize that not one olive oil is alike. Due to the characteristics of land, weather, collection method, treatment process, and variety of olives the result is an infinite diversity of oils.

Olivico extra virgin olive oil is characterized by it’s wonderful and intense flavor. Manual harvesting of olives allows us to pick the olives at just the right time. They are immeditately taken to the press for optimum results.

Cold pressing is carried out in order to retain the fruit biological properties (nutritional, medicinal values, etc.) With an acidity of 0.2 to 0.5 and a peroxides level lower than 10, we guarantee the excellent quality of our oil. Olivico olive oil is made from a blend of different olive varieties.

We have the Sevillana, Arbequino, Lecchino, and Empeltre which provide the characteristic taste, aroma, and color of Olivico.

8,4 OZ.
Bottle 250 mL
16.907 OZ
Bottle 500 mL
  65 LT
405 x 410 x 690 mm
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